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Discover Your Signature Scent

With Chueok Fragrances, you enter a world of reminiscence and memories in scents. Express yourself with fragrance and leave a lasting impression on others. Personalize your natural fine fragrances and inner world with us.

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Our Services


Discover the art of fragrance at our workshops where you'll craft candles and perfumes guided by expert instructors, suitable for all skill levels, ideal for individuals or group outings.


Elevate your fragrance passion with our intensive certification courses. Explore advanced perfumery and candle making techniques, gaining industry expertise for crafting professional-grade scents and candles.


School and Company Events

Seeking a distinctive activity for your school or company event? Look to us! We provide customized workshops and experiences, perfect for team-building, school trips, or corporate events, all tailored to your preferences by our fragrance experts.

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